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Matching Consumer Perceptions with New Functional Food & Drinks

Have you been thinking about adding a new “functional” better-for-you benefit to your food or beverage? Are you considering what ingredients to use or what benefit claims are best? You’re not alone – the recent jump in functional CPG sales indicates that consumers have embraced the food-as-medicine trend and are expecting more from food and beverage products. In fact, small and large businesses across the CPG industries are reformulating and developing new products to capitalize on this growing trend.

Yet today’s consumers want it all – physical and cognitive benefits, sustainably made, convenient, and tasting delicious. Moreover, this can prove challenging for manufacturers because functional ingredients often do not taste good. Shoppers have strong health associations with certain flavors and are more sophisticated in their palette. So when it comes to developing a new product finding the right pairing and application is key.

Formulating a functional food, beverage, or dietary product is only half the battle for manufacturers. The time required to substantiate ingredient, supplier, and product claims frequently create bottlenecks during the product development process, making it that much more challenging for teams to get new products in the hands of customers rapidly.

Watch this on-demand webinar with food innovation intelligence company, Spoonshot for a deep dive into the functional food and beverage market. Consultant Pradeep Srinivasan shares insider tips for functional product design and development, label claims, ingredient sourcing, cost control, and sales and marketing strategies.

Watch & learn:

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Growing health interests and trending functional ingredients.
  • Important formulation considerations of functional ingredients.
  • Examples of successful pairings and applications.
  • How to ease the burden of product claim research and substantiation.
  • Tools to quickly source new ingredients and update formulations.

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