New Product Development: How to Deal with 100 Revisions or More

Summit Hill Foods’ Nick Landry examines strategies to navigate the new product development process.

In this insightful episode of C to C, host Gary Nowacki engages in a candid conversation with Summit Hill Foods (formally Southeastern Mills) Culinary Development Chef Nick Landry, exploring strategies to navigate the constant pressure of recipe revisions. Nick Landry, the seasoned Culinary Development Chef at Summit Hill Foods, sheds light on their collaborative culture, emphasizing the significance of diverse input from various departments.

Summit Hill Foods, renowned for its production and supply of food products, is a testament to its commitment to quality. With a focus on gravy, baking, and seasoning mixes, the company caters to food manufacturers, processors, restaurant chains, food service distributors, and retail grocery chains.

Join Gary and Chef Nick Landry as they navigate the challenges of constant revisions, drawing insights from Summit Hill Foods’ collaborative culture and Chef Landry’s wealth of culinary experiences. This episode promises a thoughtful exploration of handling pressure with resilience and fostering collaboration for successful outcomes.

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