The Only Failure is Not Trying

At least according to CEO & Founder of Rebellyous Foods Christie Lagally.

What CPG founder hasn’t experienced the sting of failure? Fortunately, on this episode of the Conception to Consumption (C to C) Podcast, Christie Lagally is recounting several examples from her past and the rewards that came when she kept trying. Together with Gary Nowacki, she’ll also explore the future of innovation, specifically as it applies to the burgeoning market of plant-based protein.

About Christie Lagally

Christie Lagally is the founder and CEO of Rebellyous Foods, a food production technology company working to make plant-based meat price-competitive with traditional chicken products. Lagally is a mechanical engineer and holder of multiple patents in manufacturing technology. She spent much of her career in the aerospace industry working on commercial airplanes and spacecraft in testing, design, and manufacturing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Previously, Lagally served as a Senior Scientist for the Good Food Institute uncovering the technical barriers in the development of plant-based meat and clean meat (i.e. cultured meat). Lagally holds Bachelor’s degrees in Organizational Psychology and Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. She is also an active member of the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington, a co-founder of the Humane Voters of Washington (a political action committee), and serves as a Washington State Council Member for the Humane Society of the United States.

About Rebellyous Foods

At Rebellyous Foods (formerly Seattle Food Tech), they make delicious, juicy plant-based chicken nuggets, patties, and chicken strips. They’re ready-to-heat and serve foods cook just like breaded chicken products, so they can be an easy part of busy meal schedules at schools, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, and restaurants. Further, they know that sharing food is an important part of community building, so at Rebellyous, their products are affordable and made at scale to ensure everyone can enjoy quick, scrumptious, plant-based meals any day of the week. Listen to the full episode of “The Only Failure is Not Trying” to hear more about this history of this growing brand.

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