Pet Food: Innovate by Evolving with the Customer

Greg Kean, VP at The Wellness Pet Company, shares the brand’s unwavering commitment to natural pet food and health.

Greg Kean, armed with a background in food and nutrition, reveals the intricacies of the relationship between what we consume and our body’s chemistry, extending the same principles to our beloved pets. Hear why Greg takes immense pride in developing natural foods that offer dogs and cats the sustenance they need for happy, healthy lives.

The Wellness Pet Company (formally WellPet), home to premium pet food and treat brands like Wellness®, Old Mother Hubbard®, Eagle Pack®, Holistic Select®, Sojos®, and WHIMZEES®, has been a stalwart brand for over a century. Greg Kean emphasizes The Wellness Pet Company’s commitment to being part of the consumer’s journey, known for bringing innovation to the natural pet food space. Their mission is rooted in doing whatever it takes to create the healthiest natural products for pets, with a team of dedicated animal lovers, nutritionists, and vets working to maintain their strong heritage.

Within the last decade, The Wellness Pet Company has become the #1 independent, family-owned natural pet food company in the U.S.. Their focus remains unwavering – delivering exceptional products and innovation that not only differentiate but also drive growth for the pet specialty channel. Tune in as Gary and Greg explore the fascinating world of pet food evolution, showcasing The Wellness Pet Company’s dedication to advancing pet health through innovation and nutritional excellence.

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