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Root Cause Analysis

Mistakes can happen on any given day. The food and beverage industry has unique challenges, from health awareness and inventory management to product traceability and regulations. Does your team know how to perform an RCA so that the non-conformance does not recur? How you address the challenges comes down to how you’ve prepared for them, your method for managing them, and your response to correct them.

Address, correct, and strategize

Learn and pass along practical tools for RCA to your team, fueled by a more vital understanding of the role and importance of RCA. Walk through how to identify a solution for each challenge, and see how easy it is to transform your process. This educational session demonstrates how you can apply methods to address, correct, and put strategies in place to better avoid mishaps in the future. Mistakes happen, but taking steps to prevent them can make you better prepared for action.

Root cause analysis on demand

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to unroot a non-conformance through root cause analysis, followed by a walk through on utilizing TraceGains for CARs creation, examples of CARs in action including types, supplier interaction, and the approval process.

Watch & learn:

  • A better understanding of the difference between symptoms and a root cause analysis (RCA)
  • A better understanding of the role and importance of RCA in compliance with GFSI Standards
  • How to be able to perform RCA and document it effectively
  • Practical tools for Root Cause Analysis

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