Successful NPD: Remember to Keep One Foot in the Familiar

Unravel secrets of successful new product development with Mattson’s Barb Stuckey.

Explore the intricate world of successful new product development (NPD) in the food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. Barb Stuckey, a seasoned professional, shares invaluable insights on the essence of successful NPD: “Innovation is about looking into the future and being curious—about the industry, technology, and food—and then being willing to explore it.”

In this episode of C to C you have a peak into the captivating world of Mattson, North America’s foremost independent developer of new foods and beverages. With a legacy since 1977, Mattson has shaped the culinary experiences of iconic brands and emerging disruptors alike.

During the conversation, Stuckey showcases her expertise by discussing her book “Taste What You’re Missing,” where she tastefully refines food and explores ways to improve it while unraveling the science of taste. Gary and Barb highlight the secrets to balancing familiarity and innovation in new product development. Mattson’s extensive experience makes this episode a must-listen for anyone in the dynamic world of food, beverage, and CPG industries.

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