Taste and Price Rule the World

Bitsy’s co-founder, Maggie Patton, shares her brands experience balancing price and taste.

Every caretaker of a young child knows the struggle of providing nutritious and delicious snacks that all so honest kids approve of. On this episode of the Conception to Consumption (C to C) podcast, co-founder Maggie Patton of Bitsy’s shares her experience curating healthy, kid-friendly snacks with farm-fresh ingredients and why taste is the cornerstone.

With shared experiences with her co-founders, Maggie Patton, and her team pursue the challenge head on by rolling their sleeves, researching, testing, and tasting their snack products. Bitsy likes to say that the ‘bits’ add up, adding vegetables to give a leg up on nutrition. Curious how a shared purpose became an accessible, tasty, affordable, and on-the-go meal and snack solution? Listen now to discover how Bitsy’s has found a way to balance innovation and price in this episode.

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