Connecting Your Supply Chain

Get the Whole Picture With Networked Ingredients Marketplace Data

The amount of disruption in today’s global supply chain forces businesses to respond to events in real-time. Unfortunately, food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers don’t have the luxury of taking their time when reacting to supply chain issues. And the promise of integration and digitization remains massive and nowhere is its potential to transform operations greater than in the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries.

Move beyond manual

Most manufacturing teams operate from data silos, even though their work demands that they collect the required supply chain documents, share them, and maintain them across departments, facilities, and suppliers that are usually scattered among multiple locations. Digitization makes this process seamless.

Reap the Benefits of Networked Ingredients Data

A lack of insight is no longer an option for brands that want to succeed. The amount of disruption in today’s supply chain requires businesses to respond in real-time. Download our data sheet to learn how you can gain visibility into your operations and supply chain.

What does digital transformation mean for your business?

Digital transformation still generates a lot of buzz. But what does it mean to you and your company? At the heart of it all, it’s about finally bringing people and information together. Even the best supplier relationships won’t fix the supply chain if the teams remain segregated. With a single networked platform for product and supply chain documentation and information, TraceGains connects departments with suppliers and co-manufacturers so your team can work smarter.

Put your documents to work

The data within your supply chain and the product documents they store often contain intellectual property along with a gold mine of business intelligence. So, why not use it to populate dashboards and performance reports to spot issues more quickly and track trends in real-time? Better yet, companies can combine that information with the data in their ERP and PLM solutions and achieve complete supply chain transparency.

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