Top 10 Formula Management Challenges

Shifting regulations, tighter restrictions, evolving preferences, and disrupted supply chains have made it increasingly difficult for companies to innovate. As a result, there are now more consumer-driven product criteria and compliance requirements to track globally than ever before. Read more to discover the top formula management challenges for CPG businesses today.


You need a different solution

Accelerate formula and recipe innovation

We’ve outlined the 10 most common formulation challenges and how development teams can circumvent them. Download our data sheet now to reveal the best path forward.

Relevant data creates innovation agility

We’ve heard from many companies that creating and updating formulas is labor-intensive and time-consuming. First, it takes too long to find and qualify suppliers, ingredients, and items. Then, teams must wade through a massive amount of paperwork and documentation to verify they have what they need.

TraceGains wanted to make things simpler. With our networked Formula Management solution, food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers can connect with suppliers and ingredients on TraceGains Network and acquire instant access to the supply chain data and documents they need to speed up the product formulation process.

Formula Management allows companies to create, modify, review, edit, and update formulas and recipes while collaborating across departments and with suppliers and co-manufacturers. And rapid digital prototyping with natural ingredient and supplier data supports teams looking to achieve ideal product criteria more quickly.

Companies that manage master formula and recipe data in an existing ERP or PLM system can exchange information back and forth from TraceGains for comprehensive supply chain visibility.

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