Vanilla is the Wrong Flavor for Innovation

From garage brewing to major retailer outlets, hear Dean Eberhardt’s journey with HopLark.

Uncover the captivating tale of HopLark – a trailblazing beverage that sprouted from a 30-day cleanse but blossomed into a fan favorite without a drop of alcohol. In this episode of Conception to Consumption (C to C), meet Dean Eberhardt, the mastermind behind HopLark. This one-of-a-kind concoction that proves life’s most brilliant ideas often arise from unexpected circumstances.

After a lightbulb moment (while ironically at a brewery), Dean envisioned a beverage alternative to beer – a beverage that could mimic the rich flavors of beer and was brewed like beer. The response was electrifying once introduced in a farmer’s market in Boulder, Colorado. In just one week, the first batch of cans sold out – but only after catching the eye of a local Whole Foods Market. Join this episode to hear Dean’s perspective on being bold on brand and taste to beat the competition and win shelf space.

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