Want Great Product Innovation? Don’t Cut Corners.

Gain a chef’s perspective on product innovation through the eyes of Chef Greg Grisanti.

“As a chef, with the Internet, you’ve got all this access to culture, food, ingredients – just read that stuff ferociously and familiarize yourself with what’s out there. Really try to expand your outlook on the world.” – Greg Grisanti, Kettle Cuisine Consultant.

Chef Greg Grisanti, a distinguished culinary, technical, and sales chef with extensive expertise in the food industry, shares his depth of understanding in roles such as Culinary Sales and Corporate Development R&D Chef. As one of the 152 professionals globally recognized with the CRC (Certified Research Chef) distinction, Greg is a seasoned authority on recipe formulation, scale-up, and various processing and packaging techniques, including sous vide.

Steam this podcast and experience a conversation that not only offers a chef’s perspective on innovation but also underscores the importance of embracing a diverse and expansive outlook in the ever-evolving world of culinary arts.

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