What You Need to Know about CBD as a Food Ingredient

Caliper Holdings’ founder and CEO, Justin Singer, takes us into the industry of cannabinoids.

In this passionate episode of C to C, host Gary Nowacki engages in a revealing conversation with Justin Singer, the innovative CEO and Co-founder of Caliper Holdings. As a trailblazer in the cannabinoid industry, Singer shares invaluable insights on quality control, brand building, and the evolving landscape of the CBD market. Drawing from his experience leading Stillwater Brands to become a top edibles manufacturer in Colorado, Singer’s multifaceted expertise enriches the discussion.

Caliper Holdings, previously known as Stillwater, stands at the forefront of consumer packaged goods, offering safe and standardized hemp-derived soluble cannabinoids. The episode provides practical insights into the transformative potential of non-psychoactive compounds like CBD. This episode is not only a treasure trove of information for those navigating the dynamic landscape of CBD as a food ingredient but also a captivating exploration of the future possibilities within this evolving industry.

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