Five Steps to Finding a Great Co-Manufacturer

CPG companies across the board have turned to contract manufacturers (co-mans) as part of their next-generation innovation strategies.

Both private label and branded organizations are increasingly leveraging as part of their innovation and growth strategies. Selecting the right co-manufacturer isn’t a simple task, and the decision can make or break an opportunity. Not all co-mans are created equally, so it’s crucial to align organizational goals with the contracted site’s capabilities.

The good and bad of co-manufacturing partnerships

Your co-man and co-packing partners offer scale and agility, but the complexity slows you down. Simply keeping track of ingredient sourcing and compliance can become a massive project, preventing you from unlocking the potential of your partnerships.

Create strong co-manufacturing partnerships

Start your partnerships off the right way. Learn five tips for making sure your outsourced partners are right for your business and brand.

Digitize Co-Manufacturer Collaboration

Embrace the future with a solution that makes you rethink co-mans and co-packing. Expand capacity, launch new products faster, or just focus on your brand with a solution that coordinates and aligns your relationships around a common language. Finished goods specifications tie it all together, making “finished” a reality.