5 Reasons to Attend Together 2022

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Executives, plant employees, and front-line workers in the food, beverage, and supplements industries are desperate for fresh solutions to comply with changing regulations, meet evolving consumer preferences, and find better ways to navigate today’s unpredictable supply chain challenges together.

We realize that fixing today’s supply chain demands a dramatically different approach. And we’re committed to bringing supply chain stakeholders together to transform a broken supply chain. So we’ve built a robust community for you, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a co-man or a manufacturer, or if you need to learn or want to lead.

Join us Oct. 19-20, 2022, for Together, where you can discover groundbreaking solutions to help transform the supply chain. You can expect a vibrant blend of thought-leadership sessions, industry expert panels, roundtable discussions, customer use cases, and thorough training.

Why should you attend Together?

  1. Hear expert guidance: You don’t have to go it alone. Our team of experts is here to help. You can schedule time with them to get the answers to your most pressing questions.
  2. Learn from your peers: Why reinvent the wheel when so many others have been through what you’re struggling with? Instead, take part in sessions hosted by leading brands who will walk you through real-world use cases.
  3. Build your network: Together unites industry veterans, leading brand owners, retailers, suppliers, and more to find ways to work better together.
  4. Solve business problems: We created this conference to solve your toughest business challenges. At Together, you’ll uncover real-world solutions for forging agile supply chains built to weather any crisis so you can focus on what you do best. 
  5. Tailor your experience: The interactive, two-day online event features live-streamed expert sessions, brand best practice presentations, insightful industry panels, networking opportunities, and more. And the best part? You can customize your experience to include the best sessions and times for your schedule. We realize your time is valuable, and we refuse to lower the high standards set for our conference. Every participant for the live event or watching later on-demand can design a tailored conference experience.

Register today

As always, we’ve made this event free for the entire TraceGains community: customers, suppliers, industry experts, and partners, from executives to end-users and everyone in between. And what separates Together 2022 from every other conference on the calendar is that it isn’t another slogan-rich marketing event that only goes one level down. Instead, we designed it with the help of those who live and breathe this business: regulators, manufacturers, and food, beverage, and dietary supplement retailers.

Join us Oct. 19-20, 2022, to learn from each other and discover new solutions to help transform the supply chain. Register today.