Redefining Our Plates: How Nutrition Meets Sustainability at Together 2024

by | November 30, 2023

Ever considered the impact of your daily food choices on our planet? This question isn’t just food for thought; it’s the central theme of Dr. Rachel Cheatham‘s session at TraceGains’ upcoming conference, Together 2024. As the founder and CEO of Foodscape Group, Dr. Cheatham brings a wealth of knowledge, combining her rich academic background with hands-on industry experience to revolutionize our understanding of food systems and nutrition. 

In an era where the environmental impact of our diets is more scrutinized than ever, Dr. Cheatham’s insights are not just timely—they’re essential. Her deep-rooted expertise in nutrition science and global food trends positions her perfectly to unravel the complex relationship between what we eat and how that impacts the world around us. This is a golden opportunity, especially for industry professionals charting their course in a market that’s swiftly pivoting towards environmental consciousness.

Decoding Foodscape Metatrends™: Your compass in a changing world

Metatrends are the compass points guiding us through the shifting terrain of consumer behavior and product innovation. Dr. Cheatham’s session is poised to illuminate these trends, offering a window into consumer mindsets and their potential future impact on our industry. Her meticulous approach to Foodscape Metatrends™ is informed by an analysis of over 100 global trend reports, pinpointing the most pivotal shifts in the food industry. From the surge in plant-based diets to the interconnectedness of health and food choices, as well as the increasing demand for transparency and sustainability, these trends are reshaping how we approach food production, marketing, and consumption.

But Dr. Cheatham doesn’t just identify these metatrends; she dives into the challenges and opportunities they present. Her insights are a treasure trove for food and beverage innovators aiming to sync their strategies with the evolving consumer landscape, a crucial step in crafting products that are nutrient-rich and resonate with the modern consumer’s craving for health and sustainability.

Sustainable systems: The new mainstream

In recent years, sustainability has evolved from a niche interest to a core consumer demand. During her session on January 24th, Dr. Cheatham will dissect the evolution of sustainability, spotlighting the rise of ‘plant-forward’ eating.

This trend goes beyond veganism or vegetarianism, championing a more inclusive approach. As consumers increasingly consider the environmental impact of their food choices, sustainable systems have become a focal point.”

Dr. Rachel Cheatham

Dr. Cheatham’s analysis will highlight a significant consumer shift towards choices that support sustainable agriculture and upcycling, echoing findings in global consumer reports. Her discussion will also tackle how businesses are adapting to this shift, transforming their practices to minimize their ecological footprints. This segment of the session is particularly pertinent for businesses striving to align with these emerging consumer values.

A holistic perspective of well-being metatrends

In today’s world, consumers seek foods that nourish both body and mind, with ‘nutrient density’ emerging as a key trend. Dr. Cheatham will delve into how wellness metatrends are revolutionizing product innovation, blending health with flavor. The concept of well-being in nutrition has broadened to encompass mental, emotional, and environmental health. Foodscape’s holistic approach recognizes a growing consumer awareness of the link between personal health and environmental health, fueling demand for products that are both healthful and sustainable.

Join this session to learn more about growing consumer appetite for diets that promote overall well-being and longevity. As the resident subject matter expert, Dr. Cheatham will explore how these trends are not just influencing consumer choices but also driving innovation in the food and beverage industry.

Forecasting the Foodscape of tomorrow

Predicting the future of the food and beverage industry is a delicate dance of science and intuition. But as part of Together 2024, this session will arm attendees with strategies to align their offerings with these emerging metatrends, ensuring their products meet the growing demand for personalized nutrition.

Dr. Rachel Cheatham will discuss how businesses can capitalize on this shift to build brand loyalty and create products that resonate with modern consumers. In today’s market, authenticity and transparency are the keys to satisfying the demands of informed customers.

Join us at Together 2024

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain strategic insights into the interplay between sustainability, health, and consumer preferences at Together 2024. Mark your calendars for Dr. Cheatham’s session “Unpacking the Metatrends Driving the Rise of Planet-Friendly, Personalized Nutrition” on January 24th, 2024, starting at 2:15 PM EST.

Be part of the conversation that will shape our path forward in the food and beverage industry. Register now and be a part of this transformative journey.

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