Embracing the New Work Paradigm: TraceGains and the Future of Remote Work

by | November 20, 2023

In a world that’s rapidly changing, the way we work is evolving as well. The traditional office route is not the only option any longer, and TraceGains is at the forefront of this transformation. We’ve not only embraced remote working but have also reimagined our office spaces to cater to the needs of smaller, more intimate local workforce(s). Let’s dive into how TraceGains is navigating this new work paradigm, creating digital networked ecosystems, and—in the process—empowering virtual office across the globe.

Working together as a global team

During the pandemic, we, like so many other companies, turned to a fully remote culture that allowed employees to adapt while staying safe and productive. TraceGains is known for its innovative software solutions, so it was just natural for us to embrace the new work paradigm. As months stretched into years, the positives associated with this trend have only grown more pronounced. According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work report, “98 percent of respondents would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their careers… Another 98 percent would recommend remote work to others.”

In the face of such overwhelming support, we recognize that the future of work isn’t about traditional office space or headquartered employee density. Instead, it’s about flexibility, efficiency, and understanding the unique needs of individuals and teams that need to work together—more and more so globally and asynchronously (at times convenient to an individual needs). 

Today, our international headquarters in Colorado isn’t the daily hub for employees it once was. Some folks work from home often or occasionally, while others are onsite with customers, even spread across the globe. This shift necessitates a new approach, one that we’ve wholeheartedly adopted. So, we recently created a more intimate shared office space, which reflects our commitment to supporting remote work while still offering room for physical community and in-person collaboration when needed.

Adapting other solutions to the new normal

But TraceGains’ adoption of remote work doesn’t stop at office design. Our software, the backbone of buyer and supplier operations, has evolved as well, through new features that seamlessly integrate with the remote work experience, whether it’s a daily routine or an occasional need. We even offer a free version of our digital networked ecosystem, so no one misses out.

Much as we strive to facilitate communication and collaboration within our workforce, our solutions do the same for the food and beverage industry. We understand the importance of having virtual workspaces where individuals and teams can collect and share information, as they efficiently interact with one another. Rapid access to common documents and data is no longer a matter of convenience; it’s a necessity today.

Therefore, more and more companies are offering support for remote work, whether they currently integrate it on a part-time or full-time basis. Buffer’s report highlights the fact that 78 percent of participating companies have already invested in systems and technology designed to facilitate “remote team collaboration and communication.” Current projections show that percentage increasing into 2024 and beyond. 

Connecting people and information to foster a sense of community

One of the key aspects of TraceGains’ vision for the future of work is greater cooperation and connectivity throughout the supply chain. In a remote work environment, it’s easy for teams to feel isolated and out of alignment. Our solutions bridge gaps, bringing teams, partners, and entire industries closer together.

Thanks to TraceGains Gather®, connections can be made crosstown or across the globe with equal ease. Teams can collaborate seamlessly, regardless of geographical boundaries. TraceGains envisions a community where professionals from different corners of the world share a common vision—a better supply chain. 

We’re so committed, and with customer insights, we’ve written an entire manifesto about it.  From enhancing safety standards to promoting environmental sustainability, our core values reflect our belief that we’re better when we work together. With our employees and customers, through collaborative problem solving, we’re revolutionizing the supply chain. 

Addressing ongoing challenges for a better tomorrow 

TraceGains fully embraces remote working, but we’re aware of the potential disconnections it can create. Physical distance can lead to a sense of isolation, so maintaining a strong sense of community is a challenge worth overcoming. We embrace that challenge on behalf of our customers. 

By creating a digitally networked ecosystem and community, we facilitate interactions which ensure operational efficiencies while ensuring employees remain in touch with the human side of work. Our software is designed to build camaraderie and foster a sense of purpose and belonging while getting work done faster. We seek to strike the perfect balance between remote work flexibility and the need for human connection.

TraceGains is setting an example for companies everywhere by recognizing that the world of work has changed forever. But we’re not just keeping pace.  We’re leading the way in our behavior and through forward-thinking solutions that value the needs of their employees and customers.

Let’s navigate the new world together and not underestimate the significance of remote work, the need to foster collaboration, or the importance of avoiding the pitfalls of the changing work paradigms. Together, we’ll trade proximity and location for a future that’s centered on collaboration, community, and a shared vision for a better, more connected supply chain that benefits us all.

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