Top Three Tips for Remote or Blended BRCGS Audits

by | June 16, 2023

It seems like the world is finally returning to something that resembles the old normal. But for many auditing bodies, remote audits are still available and encouraged. BRCGS is a leading brand and consumer protection organization, used by more than 30,000 certificated suppliers worldwide. Their international network of accredited certification groups issues certifications, guaranteeing quality and safety standardization.

BRCGS now offers blended audits. BRCGS also offers extensions for up to six months with a risk assessment and review.

Remote assessments are still available but not benchmarked by GFSI. Remote audits include a video audit of your facility’s production and storage areas and reviewing your company’s internal audit results and documentation.

A remote or blended audit is no less daunting than a traditional in-person one, maybe even more so because it’s unlike any other audit your company has experienced. BRCGS offers three tips for a successful blended audit.

  1. Be prepared. With a remote or blended audit, the auditor will thoroughly review your company’s documentation. Therefore, take special care to understand pre-audit submissions and the process and expectations to prepare for any inevitable question. Your auditor will require that you upload specific documentation to a document portal before the audit and if you have additional questions.
  2. IT compatibility check. Ensure that your company’s IT is compatible with BRCGS’ systems and have your tech team on-hand throughout the audit to tackle any technology issues that crop up quickly. You always want to respect the auditor’s time and proactively address any roadblocks.
  3. Test your tech. Perform a dry run. Ensure you can connect with BRCGS’ systems, test your Wi-Fi connection, have a wired connection on-hand, practice using the live stream platform chosen, and make sure there’s no background noise in the area you’ll be using.

Practice makes perfect. Treat your audit as a carefully choreographed dance – everyone on your team should know its part and feel comfortable with the technology and the material the audit will cover. There’s no such thing as being over-prepared for remote and blended audits.

Are you still looking for more tips and tricks for a successful audit? Our BRCGS checklist points you in the right direction and ensures you don’t miss critical first steps.

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