Supplying Compassion: TraceGains’ Unique Approach to Giving

by | December 20, 2023

At TraceGains, our expertise in the food and beverage supply chain industry is just one facet of our identity. We’re a team driven by a profound commitment to having a positive impact on the global community that we’re part of. This dedication goes beyond our professional roles, as we engage in acts of service that truly enrich lives and foster meaningful change. As we round out 2023, we’re proud to share some stories of our team members whose volunteer efforts have made a significant difference in their communities.

Inspiring young minds in Manitowoc

Robbie Huston volunteering with kids in Manitowoc

Robbie Ann Huston, one of our Customer Success Manager, brings her passion for community service to life, particularly in the field of education. Her involvement in the “Create It” event with the 4531 STEMpunk FIRST Robotics Team was a conscious effort to impact young minds through STEM education. Guiding 73 children and young adults through various STEM activities, Robbie stepped into a world that, while different from her day-to-day work, required similar skills: patience, clarity, and the ability to inspire.

This volunteer experience was more than a chance to give back; it was an opportunity for Robbie to grow personally and professionally. She found joy in teaching and immense satisfaction in sparking curiosity in young minds, proving that volunteering can be a powerful avenue for connection and learning.

Making a difference in Michigan

Alex Adams, one of our Marketing Development Representative, has effectively combined her professional skills with her commitment to community service. Her work with Covenant House Michigan, especially as an Associate Board Member, allowed her to contribute significantly to philanthropic efforts. Organizing the Night of the Broadway Stars event, Alex demonstrated how corporate skills can be invaluable in supporting community-focused initiatives.

Participating in the Sleep Out event, Alex showed resilience and empathy, enduring a cold night and overcoming personal injury to support a cause close to her heart. Her dedication to understanding and addressing diverse needs reflects her deep commitment to making a difference beyond her professional responsibilities.

Supporting inclusivity and joy in Denver

Chris Baron, our Accounting Controller, extends his expertise beyond the realm of finance to support Friends of Paha, an initiative that brings joy to young people with disabilities through summer camp experiences. His advocacy for Friends of Paha during Colorado Gives Day highlights his dedication to creating inclusive and joyful communities.

Chris’s involvement with Camp Paha is more than just support; it’s about fostering a vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. His leadership in guiding TraceGains’ contribution to Camp Paha is a testament to his belief in the power of inclusivity and the joy it brings.

Honor and remembrance on Grays Peak

Nick Reinking, our Global Strategic Accounts Manager, embarked on a meaningful journey to honor eleven overlooked Korean War servicemen. Hiking Grays Peak in Silver Plume, Colorado with his friend James Cahalin, Nick undertook this challenge not only as a physical test but as an act of deep respect and remembrance.

Reaching the summit, Nick and Cahalin ensured these servicemen were honored, reading their names aloud in a moment of reflection. This act of remembrance was a powerful gesture, highlighting their commitment to honoring every individual who has served their country, especially those who have not received official recognition.

Nick Reinking holding a Neptune's Angels Flag hiking Grays Peak in honor of overlooked Korean War servicemen.

Moving together with purpose

Our team’s stories of volunteer work demonstrate that we can make a real difference in the lives of others. As part of a global food and beverage industry, TraceGains has built an ecosystem of brands, suppliers, manufacturers, R&D professionals and more, all dedicated to building a more sustainable industry, a stronger community, and a better world. If you’re seeking a place where your professional life and personal values align, where each day offers an opportunity to contribute to both our industry and the world, TraceGains might be the perfect fit for you. Join us in making an impact, not just within our own team, but in our communities and beyond. Your journey of making a difference, both professionally and personally, starts here.

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